medication and breastfeeding

Would you bf if you're taking med such as antibiotics and antiinflammatory? Dr says they are bf safe but others say they are unsafe for baby liver

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Most medications shouldnt pass through bm.. But if you're worried, can pump and dump to maintain supply in the time being

If you told doc you’re breastfeeding, they would have prescribed bf-friendly meds. You can also download the LactMed app to check if the med is safe for breastfeeding or not.

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I had when i had Mastitis

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You can always check on this database/website to confirm if the medication is compatible with breastfeeding. If it says very low risk or low risk then it's ok to continue breastfeed. I always check with the doctor, confirm with the pharmacist and check again from this website

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Yes, I would still bf if the doctor says that the medication is safe to bf.