Pelvic Pressure/Pain

Currently 27 week. Been having pelvic pressure for the past few days. The pelvic pressure hit me whenever I get up from bed or from sitting. Is bedrest required or this is common?

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Same as me. I also want to ask this. I don't know how to get up from bed once I lie flat. I even encounter stomach pain if I turn sideway sometimes. How do u all get up from bed? Any special techniques?

1y ago

Before getting up, lie to your left side and use your left elbow / hand to push your body up slowly. Sit up for a few seconds and slowly get up.

I’m currently at week 27. I often have pain at my lower left back. May I know If it is okay?

Is it normal if your 27weeks and you poop a lot

6mo ago

Me!! Sometimes watery ;(

i experiencing tailbone pain😔😪 now at my 27weeks

Its normal. Just have to endure till baby is out.

if u cannot take it. take a few days off n rest.

given bed rest and physio for pelvic pain.

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Try doing prenatal yoga. It helps

Yes it’s very normal