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Hi beautiful mummies. Im 2 days late. Tested using test kit, positive. Went to kkh due to cramping n fever, did blood test, hcg was 29. Today I did another blood test, it went down to 26. Is it too early in the pregnancy or is there anything else i should be worrying? Thank u and stay safe and healthy everyone 🌈

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It depends whether your cycle is very regular. I have a very regular cycle and on the day I missed period, I already see a clear positive using clear blue digital. 3 days prior to missing period, I use hcg strip and also see faint red line . But I think the best is wait for 1 week.

2 days late is still early. Advisable to wait a week. I waited till the 7th day and it's a clear positive. And I tried again on the 10th day using Clearblue digital and got a '1-2weeks' result.