My baby is teething and he is drooling a lot. That is causing him to have some rashes around his mouth - little bumps and also a bigger red patch where he tends to have his hand in contact with as he sucks his fingers. Will it help if I smear some breastmilk on the rashes? Any other advice on home remedies that might help? Thanks!

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If you are with baby constantly and he starts to drool excessively, you can keep a burp cloth at hand or attached to baby's top so that you can wipe off the drool as soon as it comes. Wipe gently so as not to aggravate the area. To treat it, on top of what Jacq Ng says, gently wash the rashy areas with warm water, then pat dry. Again, don’t rub because it can irritate an already sensitive skin. After dried, I read that applying petroleum jelly (Vaseline for Baby) will help. It will act as a barrier between your baby’s skin and the drool :)

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According to this article: Breast milk could help with your baby's rashes. Just wet a cotton ball with breast milk and dab on the affected area daily. There are other suggestions (like using Jasmine flower, or washing face with Cetaphil or Physiogel cleansers) provided in the article. You can check it out. :)

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Hi breastmilk may help but the best remedy is to keep wiping their hands and face with warm towel. How about giving him a teether so that he doesn't suck on the hands so much? It is common for babies to have the occasion bumps and rash. If it gets too serious and the rash is not healing you may want to get rash cream from the PD.

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my baby has saliva rash too, I always apply moisturizer on her cheeks and chins to act as a barrier between the skin and saliva. and so far no more rash. (:

I use nipple cream for drool rash! Works like a charm!