Anyone encounter giving baby yoghurt and egg tofu at 9months and pooped more then he usually do?

So my baby, will pooped on everything he drink or ate, so basically pooped more then 4times a day. Is there anything to worry? He dont before i introduced the new foods. Pooped is creamy and baby is normal and active.

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Haha yes i see carrot, spinach, red dragon fruit poop all the time. Their digestive system is not matured yet so food seems to pass through happily intact and in proportion to how much that was consumed. Do worry if theres a weird change in consistency or blood or sometimes i worry about mucus so get it checked out. And watch out for allergic reactions too. My baby ended up in A&E from severe egg allergy but symptoms for her was hives and difficulty breathing. Might be different for other babies and affect poop types. If in doubt always go to ur paediatrician ok! But ur baby sounds good 👍

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3mo ago

yes agreed. 😊

if no crying from pain, I guess it's normal as yoghurt has probiotics

3mo ago

sure, i will observe this. noted. thanks alot for replying. 😊

may I know how to spot mucus in baby stools?

3mo ago

have not seen yet, i may be wrong but it looks like the texture of running nose maybe?