No poop in 4 days

Hi, my baby gal is 4 months plus now. She did not poop for 4 days already. She is consuming 80% BM and 20% formula. Is it normal to not poop for 4 days? Should see a doc? Baby is still drinking and active, just drink lesser than usual.

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quite normal. my lo longest nvr poop is 6 days but wear a mask the smell will make u faint 🤣

hello it is normal. my baby did not poop for 12 days. but get ready for a massive poop fest😁

1y ago

as long as baby does not show any signs of distress, and the output for peepee is fine, then theres nth to worry abt 😁

It’s normal. My girl highest record is 10days. Maybe u can give probiotics drop

It’s normal! Baby can go up to 12 days without pooping

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It is normal up to -10days if their is no colic pain

try giving water to baby

7mo ago

DO NOT GIVE BABY WATER!!!!!!! Do not do this!!!!!! Only give water when baby start solid! 6 months up!