Cough while feeding

Hello, my baby is 9 days old and we noticed that she tends to cough during her feeds (bottle feeding using pigeon soft teat bottle). When she coughs, we will remove the bottle for her to rest and she will stop coughing. Anyone has the same experience? Is it of any concern? Or is it a bottle issue? #firstbaby #pleasehelp

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Yes my baby was the same. I just remove when she cough then afterwards continue again. Slowly feed. Not sure if its an issue with bottle or anyth but my girl is now 1 year old and still using pigeon. I tried using avent and tommy tippee but the milk flow too fast, so i think pigeon quite good.

most likely is the flow of the teat too. just be careful incase baby chokes. try to have baby slightly upright and feed baby with slow pace. if issue persists, maybe try a different bottle?

I have no issues with Pigeon. I think you feed your baby too long without a break or she drinks too fast