4months baby difficulty in feedings

Baby is 4months old. Very difficult to feed bottle. She only wants to latch. Been latching her for 15mins each before every feeding both left and right breast but still no breastmilk produced anymore. Tried feeding her by latching for every feeding first and then switching it to bottle when she is half asleep. But nowdays she seems to know the difference. Doesnt want the bottle. Only wants to latch and pacifier. Changed bottles and teats so many times. Nothing suits her. What do i do? I feel very depressed and frustrated every single feeding time. At times I feel i can go crazy.#pleasehelp #firstbaby #firsttimemum

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Super Mum

My baby was like that too. Had to go cold turkey. Bottle or nothing. It helped that my husband helped with bottle feeding because when when she saw me, she expected me to latch, and got angry when I gave her the bottle. Some other things u can try include bringing baby out of the house to bottle feed, because that overwhelms the senses for a while. Feeding when sleepy works, because it can’t be falling asleep from latching on, because baby was using that for comfort and you took that away from her and replaced it with a bottle. When baby’s very hungry and tired, try putting her in a stroller, lying on her side, pat her firmly till she’s almost asleep. Then put the bottle in and feed her. All the best!

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