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Hi all~ My baby is 3months old n his ears are smelly cause of excess moisture inside his ears (fyi i went to the doc alr to check n no infection) 🥲 anyone knw how to remove the smell?

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Wash behind his ears. Sometimes when they sweat behind the ears will smell. Same like adults. Also we often overlook when they regurgitate their milk, it’ll fall behind their ears. Also, use a cotton bud to slowly dig in his ears after every shower. Only you will know how deep to go in. Buy those cheap ear digger with light and wrap some moist or dry cotton at the tip then go into his ear to clean the dirt out. I’m very paranoid when my LO’s ear stinks. Sometimes I’ll press some water-based hand sanitizer onto the cotton bud and clean her ear out. Be careful not to use too much.

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Please don’t use cotton buds. It will push the wax deeper into ur baby’s ears. Their ear canals are also very sensitive. Ear wax has antibacterial properties and protects the ears. Our ears are also “self cleaning”, any wax will automatically be pushed out naturally. Use warm water with wash cloth or cotton balls to clean only the outside.

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u buy those ear wax digger that has lights installed in them... after ur baby bath u use towel dry the ear than u hold n dig all the wax that u can see. You clean every other day

My PD taught me to use shampoo meant for cradle cap to clean using cotton balls. after that dry and moisturise the ears. It’s works for my baby!


try use cotton butt to dig the dirt? I always did that to prevent smell or more dirt

1mo ago

don't do too deep slowly and use ur phone night to shine inside then u slowly and don't push to inside u just dig like outer part a bit

have you tried cleaning the ears?

1mo ago

I clean outside only but not inside the ears