If it's earlier than EDD, what are the signs or did gynae advise to watch out baby will come earlier

Do babies arrive earlier than EDD suddenly or gynae probably will advise to watch out based on scan n position etc in the week 30+ check up?

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Possible to arrive earlier but mine gynae didnt tell me because my ctg was all ok and no signs yet when i had my apptment. But my hb did ask how we know its time to go hosp… but errr.. frankly… i tink depends case to case

my water bag just broke without any mucus plug discharge. It really depends I guess. For my case my baby didn't gain much in weight in between my routine checkup with my gyane. Sat checkup and wed pop.

My doc told me 1) bloody show if non stops , 2) contraction in every 5min 3) water bag burst can go down hospital already. He only advice this like in wk 35 or so .

my water bag didn't break, no mucus plug either. but having contractions about 5-7mins apart. i gave birth at 38wk, it's 1 week earlier than my Edd.

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You will have a discharge called mucus plug. That will be the earliest sign..