My birth story ❤️

Ariana Aaleeyah Binte Arif Born on 29 September 2020, at 3.5KG Our first baby princess ❤️ On 28 September at 645AM, my waterbag was already leaking but I kept thinking it was just some sort of discharge or pee so I went back to sleep at 7AM. At 9AM, I woke up and gush of fluid came out non stop so I called Arif who was at work that morning to come home as I was already in labour. We took our time because I haven’t had any contractions at that moment. I took a long shower and we both made our way to the hospital at 11AM. Gynae came to see me at 12PM and told me I was not dilated yet but confirmed waterbag broke. She asked me if I would like to speed up the process(something like induced) or go home and wait for contractions otherwise to come back at 7AM the next day. At home, 430PM, I felt contractions but I was unsure if it was and assume it to be braxton hicks. It then got consistent and we rushed to the hospital at 645PM. 8PM, gynae came and mentioned that my contractions was consistent but I am still only 2CM dilated. Around 9PM, Contractions got stronger and I had fever of 38.7 which increased at 39.7! Contractions was 2 mins apart and I started groaning in pain. Laughing gas was given but I got too high and nauseous. I asked for epidural. 11PM, the epidural was given and I soon started relaxing and laughing but shivering badly because they had to put me in cold room, sponge me with cold towel and also the side effect of epi. They kept checking my cervix and I was only 3CM dilated then. Tried to sleep but kept woken up every hour to be sponged and given all sorts of medicine. By drip, by pill in the bum, by mouth. The nurses were so worried because mine and baby’s heartbeat was high. They told me that I might be going for emergency Csect. 7AM, gynae came and I was 4CM dilated but baby is still in high position. Best news for that day so far is my fever had dropped and baby’s heartbeat was normal. She predicted that I will be giving birth in the afternoon. 830AM, morning batch of nurses were then worried about our baby’s heartbeat that has gotten very low and my cervix is not progressing neither had the baby effaced. They told me to be prepared for emergency csect but the gynae will make the call. They kept checking me every 30 mins and kept changing my position, gave me oxygen mask to ensure baby’s heartbeat goes back to normal but nothing improved. 1115AM, her heartbeat stopped and gynae ordered for emergency csect on the spot. I was put to sleep. I woke up at around 1230PM to only know that my babygirl will be brought to NUH. She came out with no heartbeat and not breathing but was resuscitated by the PD. The nurses who operated me cried along with my husband after the operation and said that our baby is a miracle baby that was brought back to life! I cried and broke down so hard.. not only did I not get to have skin to skin to her. I haven’t got the chance to even see her or gave her first feeding. Ya Allah, my heart was in so much pain. So much that nothing else hurts more than not being able to hold her! Mama called me and even though she had bad asthma attack, she cried with me and kept telling me to calm down 😢 MIL and BIL came over to accompany me for a while because baby girl had to be rushed to KKH where it is better equipped to handle her. She needed to be put into NICU for couple of days. My husband needed to settle everything else. With no sleep at all he had to be rushed here snd there. Soon my elder sister came with her husband and 5th born despite being so sick and drained out. Ya Allah, I cant thank them all enough to come and give me all the support I needed. My heart was still aching but I felt better. So much better. Still in the ward, I kept hearing the newborn crying and each time I yearn for her. All I had is just her beautiful photo and her shivering like her mummy when I was in Delivery Suite. Her health is more important than anything else. I just can only pray that she will recover. What a fighter she is :’) Thank you Ariana sayang for battling to breathe again. Mummy loves you soooo much. I am so sorry you had to go through this. I want you in my arms so badly. I am thankful that you responded to your daddy when daddy told you that I love you so much baby girl. Please keep Ariana Aleeyah Binte Arif in your prayers. This means so much to me. Thank you so much :’)

My birth story ❤️
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May Allah ease your pain and protect both mummie and baby. Get well soon and hope you can take your baby girl home soon

Super Mum

Reading your story brought me to tears. We're all praying for your princess, please recover! ❤️❤️🤗🤗

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She's a beautiful baby and you're a strong Mom. God bless her and your family. Hope she gets back to normal soon!

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We are praying for you. I hope your love and all of our well wishes will help her grow stronger day by day.

true fighter she is! will keep her in my prayers! stay strong mummy! she'll be in your arms real soon!

Your baby is a fighter. May God protect her and bring her to your arms soon. My prayer is with you.

Alhamdullilah, such a strong baby and mummy too! Wish all the best for you and family❤️❤️

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My prayers for your daughter. May she be health and may everything go smooth for u sis.

Sending loads of love and hugs to you! Take care and everything will be well! 💪🏻

Be strong baby you can do it mommy can’t wait to bring you home. 🧡🙏