Are you still friends with your ex?
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Yes - and my spouse knows it
Yes - but secretly

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Ex-boyfriend is a term that I'm using on my husband now. People say I'm lucky to have met THE ONE in my first relationship but I felt he is luckier to marry someone who is innocent and a virgin somemore! LOL!!

NO! dahil sobrang seloso ng asawa ko at syempre ayoko naman pag mulan pa namin ng away yung mga bagay na dapat tapos na.

yes.. and my wife also knows her.. trust is important factor. very honest with wife. but cannot forget her.

No need. Just civil, like, when you accidentally meets him somewhere you will say hi and how are you.

kadang2 je tp skrg dh lama xbrhubung sbb dy thu sy dh kwin. dy ttbe menghilang dari radar..

not at all with my 1st civil and get along with my 2nd

no to avoid misunderstanding if my hubby knows...

Pano ko po maririnig heart beat

Yes but no strings attached

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lost contact totally