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Anyone tried IUI successfully? Care to share your experience. Thank you! #IUI

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If you and hubby have no grave issues then should try iui first since it's less invasive than ivf. I have mild pcos and I just needed some assistance to help my follicles and eggs grow. My husband has no issues and has healthy number of sperms. I'm now 31 weeks twins with boy/girl. All the best. ☺️ Oh yeah. If you're considering iui, do ensure that you make appt with doc who is pro iui. Meaning that the doc will encourage you to try iui first if she thinks you and hubby are good candidates for iui. Docs who are pro ivf might mix up their procedures while administering iui on you. Happened to someone I know and they failed the first cycle due to the doc negligence.

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I did IUI once. They will do a scan to see if the follicles are ready. I had 2 large follicles which means I was ready for IUI. On the same day the nurse injected some hormones on my tummy to induce the ovulation since follicles are large enough. Next day, husband had to deposit his sperm at the hospital in the morning. I went in for IUI at abt 11am. Procedure was straightforward- like Pap smear. Not painful. Doc told me that my lining was not thick enough and the procedure may not be successful. I decided to go ahead anyways since I was already there. 4 weeks later, positive pregnancy test. Now 16W and hoping everything will go fine.

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The first part, which is the injection part is similar to ivf… when ya eggs are ready for release, u will go back to the clinic/hospital where the sperm will be inserted into you via the vagina… somewhat like doing pap smear but duration maybe about 15 mins? Should have no pain or endurable discomfort

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iui successful for me but end up ectopic pregnancy. currently on 3rd trimester from ivf . I must say don't waste time on the grant for iui . go straight for ivf

I did twice but unsuccessfuL. Did IVF once and already in my 17 weeks! Good luck!

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My sister did it in penang, managed to get 5 embrios.. but it costly 🙈

never consider IUI, straight go for IVF with 2 success pregnancy

Sperm was taken from my hubby inject in to me.