Fibroids during pregnancy

Can anyone share your experience while having fibroids during pregnancy? Does it cause bleeding? I've been having light vaginal bleeding or spotting every day but no pain. Doctors check and say baby is doing fine and there is nothing much we can do about it except close monitoring and taking Duphaston. I'm wondering if the fibroids are causing the bleeding.

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I had a fibroid and was detected on my first scan at 7 weeks. it grew to more than 10cm but no bleeding. I felt sharp pain for 2 times during the pregnancy and took painkillers and given HL to rest for a week each. until now I'm not too sure if it's the fibroid or some muscle strain. size reduced by more than half after giving birth and I removed it via keyhole surgery 6 mths later. baby was not affected but I was recommended csect due to the position of the fibroid

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I also had a fibroid during pregnancy and it was only detected during the detailed scan. But i had no bleeding or spotting at all. The fibroid went away after my pregnancy.