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Can anyone share what bed is suitable for CL? I was wondering if a mattress(Tilam) on the floor without bed frame is bad? What about Tatami/Inflatable bed/Sofa bed? I would like something that is easier to put away/Can be put to other use after that. A bed frame would be too bulky for my house. #advicepls

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I finished my confinement last month. We bought a seahorse floor mattress and had the same thinking as you (that we want to save space & money and no one will be using the bed frame after 1 month). However, on the first day when my nanny arrives, she commented about the floor mattress and why isn’t there a bed frame. She also said she will have backache. She have been nagging about the mattress the whole day! So, my husband bought a very simple bed frame from Ikea the next day. Like a budget and sturdy one since no one will use it after 1 month. She commented that it is still too Low 😱 but maybe a day of getting use to it, she stopped her nags. Well I think it all depends on the nanny’s age and character. Maybe a sofa bed will be good too. More useful and save space compared to a bed frame.

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I’m doing my confinement now and provided my confinement lady a foldable mattress from seahorse (tilam). We asked her on the first day if she’s ok with it, and she said she’s fine with it. And our room doesn’t have much space to accommodate another bed with frame also. But during her afternoon resting time, we let her use a proper bed in the guest room. I think depends on your nanny as well, mine is very easy going and nice.

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CL normally prefer some heights so it’s easier and faster for them to get up and attend to baby. But sofa bed should be ok. If just mattress then choose those that are thicker? Tatami/inflatable bed a bit bad la i think 😅 imagine they have to take care of baby almost 24/7 so they really need a good rest too! 😇

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Hello! We did buy a bed frame in the end because I think it's quite tiring to get up from the mattress on the floor every time, especially when sometimes they want to sit by the bed caring for baby in the room :) but I think sofa bed is a great idea too!

I bought those portable bed frame with wheels. Once confinement end, it can be fold into half and chuck into storeroom


Try seahorse mattress. it's very comfy and no bed frame needed

Try sofabed?? If not use can make as sofa :)