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Can anyone share their experiences at infant care ? #1stimemom #firstbaby

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I sent my babygirl when she was 4 months old. Took almost 2 months to adapt. Luckily i extended my ML for another month. First few weeks in IFC was tough; she was very cranky and hardly drank milk/nap. It gets better over the days. My babygirl fall sick very frequently too and had 1 mishap while in IFC so far. Got to have faith in the teachers & caregivers. Constantly ask them for updates when sending/fetching baby.

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It really depends on ur child. My girl went to ifc at 5.5mo. Take a week to get used to it. Didn’t cry. Just very tired during this transition. Falling sick is quite common, so be prepared. Otherwise, she likes her Teachers. She will stretch out her hand for the teachers to carry her . Babies adapt very fast. Don’t under estimate them

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my boy started ifc at 6 mths old. he adapted well by 3rd week, but fell sick twice in 2 mths. so be prepared. for the 1st week, we only put him for abt 5 hrs/ day. n gradually longer hours.

I still trying to get infant care near my home 😑 but I heard from relatives and friends normally the child will get sick and suffer from diarrhoea for the first few months

My child took more than 2 months to get used it.