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Anyone can recommend a good circumcisions clinic for Malay boys? Urgently looking one. Your review is appreciated. #circumcisions boys

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My husb converted and went to Dr Sidek at tampines. Procedures quite fast. Book an appointment by calling his clinic. On the day of appointment, went in for consultation and came out with “little bro” being wrap with numbing cream 😂 walk walk for 1hour, come back to clinic to do the procedure. Didnt went inside.. but my husb told me “little bro” was injected before they slice the skin🤭 He was playing mobile games throughout the procedures. Went back home and i did all the cleaning for him. Bottom naked at home Cause i wanna let it air dry. 3rd day start applying aloe vera gel to the stitches area. 5th day he start going to work. But must be very gentle with his “little bro” 😂 it took about 3-4 weeks to fully heal.

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My 2mths 1week old boy and 2 of my cousins' sons went to Dr Sidek whereas my entire family and cousins who are boys went to Dr Zailan. for Dr Sidek, parents are not allowed inside but it was fast, and my boy healed pretty well. but at that time my boy shouted and cry so loud for a short while and i wished i could be by his side. he didnt cry aft the circumcision.

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Hello 😌 my boy went to Hamid Family Clinic & Surgery, when he is around 2 months.. All is deducted my CDA. no cash/medisave involved.. Parents allowed inside. Alhamdulillah, all went well.

1mo ago

hi, for my boy it was ring.. took about a week to recover.. and yes the doctor is nice, explained the procedure clear and well. total of 4 people in the room. Doctor, doctor's assistant, me and my mum(my hubby couldnt make it that day) .. it was around March 2022.

Dr Sidek. Very fast, we werent allowed inside but we dont find it as an issue as the procedure took like 2 mins and baby wasnt crying.

My nephews all went to dr sidek! Once my baby ready i will go to him as well! :)

dr aziz at kembangan.. 1 parent is allowed inside during the procedure

5yo circumcision maju clinic at eunos. $500 cash..

1mo ago

cash. no medisave or baby bonus

Dr Zailan at Chong Pang

banyan clinic @ woodlands

1mo ago

hows the procedure? ring method or laser?

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we went with Dr Sidek

1mo ago

we went when he was 2 mth plus..parents cn only be outside during procedure