Direct Bilirubin

Anyone have any idea about the 'Direct Bilirubin'? Was told that it has something to do with the liver apart from worrying will it be & how can it be controlled/lowered if it gets high? Very worried now as my baby is scheduled for hospital appointment due to this.. ??

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Super Mum

When baby has jaundice, it means the total bilirubin level is high. Total bilirubin is called that because there are 2 components: direct bilirubin and indirect bilirubin. Generally, in newborns, if the jaundice persists for more than a few weeks, the doctor will do the direct bilirubin test to see if it is high. This is because in breastfeeding jaundice (common cause of physiological jaundice), the total bilirubin level is usually high but direct bilirubin level is normal. So when they see that the direct bilirubin level is high, they will usually refer baby to the paediatrician. Now, there are “non scary” and “scary” reasons why direct bilirubin levels can be high. It’s definitely understandable that you’re concerned, but take it one step at a time ok?:) Go see the doctor at the hospital, and see if further tests need to be done. The paediatrician will explain to you the results, and you can ask all the questions you need to.

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11mo ago

Thank you so much for the really hoping its the non-scary ones..😣