Weight gain in 1st trim

Anyone have especially good appetite and gain weight in 1st trim? Only week 6 but I have been eating non stop and have already gained 3kg! Is it normal? #1stimemom #pregnancy #advicepls

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the gynae didnt mention anything to me that its gaining too fast tho. but i think i also gain about 3 kg until week 7 then stagnant now at week 16. that stagnant period is when morning sickness kicks in and i dobt really have good appetite.

I used this to track weight gain. But whatever the weight gain as long as baby is growing well I think it shld be fine. (: https://www.calculator.net/pregnancy-weight-gain-calculator.html?

i only gained 3kgs at 32wks.. normally at end of 1st trimester the weight gain should be not more than 2kgs..

I only gain 0.1kg from wk 8-12. Around 2kg from 12-20. And then i lost around 1kg plus from wk 20-23 😅

It's fine! I gained 5kg in my first tri alone!

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My appetite not so good during 1st trimester.