Chinese naming for newborn

Anyone has recommendations on fengshui master or where to go to get auspicious Chinese naming for newborn? #firstbaby #advicepls

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I asked to stay one more night as I still had difficulties walking around. I’m afraid I won’t be able to manage when I get home. 😢 also my milk pores is still blocked, so the colostrum isn’t coming out. Sigh it’s really painful 😣 Oh yup I rmb my husband coming in half way through 🤣 anyway don’t worry so much! I’m sure you will be fine!! All the best for your surgery later on!! Keep me updated 💪🏻

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Hello Olivia!! Are u fully vaccinated alr? :) with the new measures, it's really good that you're else v restricted. And i feel so heavy alr esp the pelvic/lower abodmen area.. do u feel the same too?

2y ago

I just added you!!! 💕

Way fengshui😊 Hello Olivia! Will you be taking the vaccination still now with new rules implemented? I'm still on the fence tho :(

2y ago

I’ll get chicha or the alley! Oh and I get a lot of Mr Coconut too coz it’s so hard to get the big green coconut, even I found at the fruit stall, it’s a challenge to open it at home! Don’t want to risk anyone losing their fingers 🤣 Yeah In general tea and coffee not good coz of the caffeine.. but my gynea say limit to 1 cup a day.. I think everything just take in moderation! Too much or too little of something is not good 🤣