Safe to consume?

Anyone given dydrogesterone or duphaston while pregnant? Is it safe to consume? As I was given by my gynae at 6 weeks pregnancy.

Safe to consume?
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Yes it’s safe. In fact it’s a form of progesterone which helps to stabilize the pregnancy. Some of us do not produce enough progesterone therefore the doctors would prescribed this to stabilize the pregnancy. Once you reach second trim, the doctor will stop it because your body would usually produce more progesterone and estrogen by second trim.

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2mo ago

noted . thank you :)

I was given this brand at week 8 due to brown discharge/spotting then stopped, but continued taking the progesterone hormone pill under another brand when the brown spotting happened again at week 24, then stopped again. This is to strengthen or stabilize the pregnancy.

if it is given by your gynae i supposed it is safe to consume. don't think any gynae will precribe you with meds that is not safe. they know what they doing. also if you have any concerns, you should ask your gynae for clarifications.

yup it is safe to consume. I was given this med during my first trimester too. Just want to share that this medication may give you constipation according to my gynae, so good to drink more water and eat more fruits/veg 😊

Why do you doubt your gyane's recommendations? If you don't trust him/her and need to reconfirm on an online app, then you should change to another gyane that you can trust.

2mo ago

understand your concern. I had bleeding during first tri and was given this too. very very apprehensive to eat at first, just ate one and the cramping stopped but one side effect is that I felt very very nauseated

yes I was given this for the entire first trimester, it is meant to support the pregnancy. My baby is a healthy 2 months old now. Don't worry, the gynae knows what they are doing.

I was given by my Gynae in my first trimester as well and took it throughout my whole first trimester as I reported some spotting. After diligently taking it my spotting stopped.

2mo ago

It’s meant to support the pregnancy, it’s safe to consume. However if you’re still unsure of your Gynae decision on giving the medication, I’d suggest you check with him/her on the reason behind it.

yes, it is safe to consume during pregnancy.. it is to stabilise your pregnancy, especially during 1st trimester .. usually if got spotting or bleeding, doctor will give..

Yes i was given at 8wks (my 1st gynae visit). To stable the pregnancy. I took for whole first trimester as well.

Yes I took it during 1st and 2nd trimester. It reduces the chance of miscarriage