skin tag at neck

Anyone get skin tags around the neck areas? Now i 25 weeks how can i get rid it or will it gone after baby out?

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Some pregnancy skin tags will disappear on their own after you deliver. If not, they can be removed easily by your dermatologist. ... But when it comes to the less desirable effects of pregnancy, the bright side of skin tags is that they can be quickly treated when you start to reclaim your pre-pregnancy body.

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ever since I got pregnant, I have skin tags growing on legs too! but mine would drop off after a few weeks or so. then it starts growing again.. hope this would stop after delivery too.

Super Mum

Skin tags probably won’t disappear on their own. You’ll need a minor surgery to remove it. It’s usually under local anaesthesia, but you may want to do it after baby’s out.

I have skin tags during pregnancy and they have disappeared or shrunk in size after delivery. I guess it depends on individual?

Wow i noticed i have alot too till my husband noticed it.. seems like its a hormonal thing?

you need to boost your immune system by taking multivitamins momsh

I have on my neck and they disappeared after delivery.

hormone changes. some will disappear or become smaller

I start to have a lot too on my neck 😭

Me too 😢