Baby monitor

Anybody using a baby monitor? Any recommendations or if you find it a necessity at all?

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Super Mum

I find baby monitors extremely useful. No need for the expensive ones tho - maybe because baby co-slept with us. I still use mine when we go on trips and staycations to check what kids are doing in the next room :) I prefer the ones with the least fuss like the lower end Motorola ones

My ger is slping in the same rm but we also have a monitor. Sometimes we use the monitor to see if she has fallen aslp or is awake but we try not to disturb her by going near. It all depends on you.

If baby is co-sleeping in the same room then not really needed unless you want to monitor baby in the day time while you do your stuffs.

im using Kodak baby monitor.. its up to u if u wanna check on ur baby esp when they are not sleeping w u