Do babies always need to wear socks

Do you always wear socks for your baby at home? Is it not good for them to not wear socks once in a while (when not in airconditioned room)? Cause sometimes his feet gets quite hot and also hoping he can “feel” more when using his bare feet. Like kicking things/toys Baby is 9 weeks. Just annoyed at how old people always scold for not wearing socks cause they scared baby’s feet will get cold. His feet do get cold but he doesn’t look uncomfortable.

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I don't even let baby wear socks outside unless rainy day. if not I just wrap in blanket when baby sleep. of course the old people keep saying, then when I go out with the OLD ppl then I wear for them see lo. BUT NO HATS cause that time my har too big it dropped down when my bb in the pram and almost suffocate! cause I never see! omg. so scary. so no matter what I also NO to hats

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Not necessary. I only let baby wear booties/socks when sleeping in aircon room (if I run out of footed PJ), other than that I don’t wear cover her feet.

i stopped socks in the day after 1.5 months so he can feel textures on his feet. at night i let him wear only if sleeping in aircon or very cold.

I don’t wear socks for my baby if we are home. Only if we are out.. at home he just wears a mesh shirt and diapers😂

My baby wore those thin mesh type of socks, with holes so it’s airy. We stopped when she turned 3 months old.

only during confinement and nighttime 💤. do what you think is good for baby, ignore what others say 😉

I hate it too. Hare it when even outsiders old people also want to comment