Travelling to infantcare

Alot of things to bring, plus baby in carrier. Teachers have been asking to use pram but we always travel during morning peak and evening peak, no space in bus, how to use pram with so many stuffs? How you all travel to ifc?#advicepls #pleasehelp #firstbaby

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As my house near infant care and i usually bring my kids back home after work, i usually brought in pram so that it easy for me to travel back home. But for my infant care, teacher wont usually enforce us to bring in pram. They usually let parents to decide if we need pram a not.

I used baby’s carrier and carry baby’s and my sling bag if I never bring pram.. Got no issue when taking public transport (before 8am).. You might feel overwhelmed at first but slowly will get used to it.. At least for me.. 😉

What rights does the teachers have to be asking u to do this and that. Don’t listen to them and do what u think is best for you & ur LO

Do you send baby to sifc and straight away head to office? We carry backpack behind and use baby carrier.

use stroller, travel by MRT

Take taxi.