Pregnant n intercourse

Hello. Abit shy to ask. For those high risk pregnancy, not able to have intercourse with spouse. How do u deal with this ? I have like 5 more months to go☹

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Interested to know this too. Low placenta, advised not to have sex. Read online that orgasm is also not advised. Hurhur. So basically can't do any sexual related. Few more months till delivery too. Of course I've been obedient so far for the sake of baby. But we all know sex drive can be higher during pregnancy (hormones and all) so it can be tough...wondering how others deal with it too!

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How are all of your doing now? I had a heavy bleeding episode two months plus back and was advised not to have sex. Last week gynae gave me the green light to have sex but husband refuse to saying the previous round scare him too much he don’t want to go thru the whole A&E ordeal again. How am I going to survive another half a year without orgasm????he refuse to even touch me

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you can diy like some ladies or you can do other things non penetrative. you should be concern about safety. especially in high risk. for us we dont do cause i m getting heavy but sometimes i help to massage him

11mo ago

It’s so tough. ESP with the increased sex drive 🥺

me also, was high risk due to spotting, baby small. doctors advised no sex but we all have needs? hahaha, so end up just masturbating each other and oral sex lah

1y ago

at least u still can have orgasms.. we cant even hve orgasms.. 😔

what choice do we have? dont think about it.. just think about the baby whenever you have urge.. i have 4 more months to go.

My husband havnt initiate even I too didn’t .. mine not a risky preggy but not intrested on it.

buy vibrator from online and you can pleasure urself. Sorry if im too direct

Hi, As I know in high risk pregnancy ..Doctors advise not to have sex .

For me it's a lil weird, the husband don't want to have sex. 😂