7 month old refuse to eat

7 months old refuses to eat. Tried puree again, textured, porridge, those fingers blw kind also dont want. When he was younger he ate like a champ. fruits, veggies, purees, blw style. now rejects everything. not sure if he is teething. i really dk what else to give. sometimes i really no mood to make him food. meal time used to be so enjoyable. yet now its a struggle for the both of us. he gets emotional, i got emotional. end up we both stare at each other in awkward silence before he starts fussing again. #advicepls #pleasehelp

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Super Mum

Hugs. Been there! Persevere and hopefully situation will change soon. My baby only start to accept solids at 10/11 months. Nothing we tried worked.

3y ago

i guess he has his days. today he ate well. i guess so long as he still drinks milk wel i shouldnt worry right...

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When my baby refused to eat, I will feed her milk so at least she still continue to get the necessary nutrients.

3y ago

Think you may want to consult your PD first 😊