Vaginal Strep test

Hi! At my 36 weeks now! Going for my vaginal strep test this week. Anyone gone through it? Was it painful?

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I just did mine like 2 weeks ago. No feeling… hahaha 🤣 or maybe my gynae very gentle, the whole process very fast like only 5 seconds then done.

It’s not painful for me, just slight discomfort for a few quick seconds :) The swab they use is very thin so not to worry :)

That thing is so thin and small 😂 I mean we have had bigger stuff going in without any prob. This is nth.... 😂😂😂

Not painful at all, it’s just a quick swab. Relax and it will be done within few sec 🙂

just try to relax and don't tense up. it will make the process smoother and pain free.


not painful, just relax, a simple and fast process

Nope, not painful at all! Don't worry

Not painful at all. Relaxing helps!


not painful at all

Not its not at all