Are 2nd hand car seats ok? Or how old a car seat is still ok? I know car seats and cribs get recalled to stay updated with safety standards

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You're right in saying that things like this get recalled pretty often to meet new standards. In light of that, I'd advise just buying a new car seat. Safety isn't one of those things parents should be frugal with. You can be frugal when it comes to other purchases but, you may want to just play it safe with a car seat.

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I don't know but for things like this, I think it will be better if you just buy brand new. We can never really know what the product's real condition is. Plus, I guess you can't have the seller responsible for any untoward incidents that may possibly happen.

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I think it's safer to buy a new one than get a second hand seat. For safety reasons. Car seats have a life span from the time they are manufactured and you wouldn't know how long or how it has been used.

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Always get a new car seat as you do not know if the carseat been thorough any accidents Every car seat have a life span EVEN if it still looks perfectly alright.


Car seat is for the safety of your baby. I would personally buy a new one to Ensure the quality is good.

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Better to get a new one unless you are very very sure the 2nd hand one is in good condition

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Safety first unless u know it’s really in gd condition.

As Long as 2nd hand not too old Kids will outgrow

2nd hand ok. Make sure to clean/sanitize