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Hello all, #25F These days Iam feeling really low and I have nobody to share my feelings, so iam using this platform to express my feelings. Iam married for 2 years now but have been living far from husband for 1 and half years as I was pregnant and had to deliver a baby in another country and then this lockdown happend, So we are living in different countries As it was arranged marriage , we did not spend a lot of time together before marriage, but he used to send gifts on birthdays or valentine's and we used to talk to each other daily. The months we were together we enjoyed our newly married life, nothing to complain about life. But he never expresses his feelings towards me when we are distant no romantic talk or being lovey dovey...Iam not expecting a luxurious gift or something , those things doesn't matter to me but at least on birthdays a romantic wish would do..but no it's just a normal wish..he doesn't ask about my day or how did my birthday go.. I know he loves me but expresses only when iam with him , when some of my friends post about their spouses about those romantic gifts or even a rose I feel why my hubby doesn't do that..I would be happy with a single rose or even with a lovey dovey text.. Iam feeling emotionally distant these days...I haven't shared these things to him and he is a practical person..but I wish if he could be emotionally available with me. when Iam with him nobody can take care of me like he does , he is there for me both physically and emotionally. But why not when we are living far?

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don't worry its normal to woman to have these kinds of feelings..u loved him so much tats d reason..keep going.think positively..more years to come to share your life with dear..