What documents to bring when delivery

This is my 1st pregnancy. What documents do we need to being when going to delivery? IC and marriage cert? And is there such thing as pre admission letter or something? And for booking of wards, usually at which week do they ask us to make the booking ? Will they inform us of when to book or we need to OT OT go to the pre admission @KKH and register ? #firsttimemom #firstbaby

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KKH patient here. I was advised to do my pre-admission from 36 weeks on when I asked at 34th week. When you are doing the paperwork for pre-admission, do remember to clear your outstanding payment first and they will require you to pay for the deposit as well. Wards are subject to availability and they will go by the next level below your choice if your preferred class is not available during your admission. (best to seek clarification if unsure) I was advised that I only need to bring my IC for the documents on the day as they will have my pre-admission documents in their records. But I'll still bring mine along, just in case.

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4mo ago

update: to clarify what I've shared as I only know of this yesterday. The paperwork done at Pre-Admissions is only for financial counseling, which you will have to let the Admissions side know before they going to repeat the same things again. The doctor or nurse at the specialist side will require you to sign another consent form for pre-admission if you are required to be admitted for induction or C-sec. (I am not sure about those ad-hoc give birth cases as I will most probably be induced) Bring along both the financial counseling (the ones in a little folder) and the letter/document from doctor during admission.

hi mummy! i gave birth at thomson but maybe the admission requirements are the same. ic, marriage cert and admission letter from your doctor. usually your doctor will give this to you ard 36 weeks. for the booking of wards, the doctor's clinic made the arrangement for me. im a private patient btw.

At PEH, only NRIC and admission letter. Booking of OT and ward, it was advised by the clinic.

Admission letter n ic only from what i recall. But mine was at mt e novena.

Want to know too. Why need marriage cert??

4mo ago

But isn’t birth cert done online now? Not via hospital??