Shower after csect

14 days post csection and i just went to gp to take off my waterproof bandage (cs prev my wound was still wet) and now my csection incision is open and exposed, i feel so scared😭 And I finally had my proper shower, i just shower from back and let water drip down, cause im so scared ill feel pain on my incision. How do you guys shower post csection? And do you pat dry using towel or tissue ? And do you feel any pain? I even use my portable fan to double dry it (‘: #firsttimemom

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oh dear! the dressing was not done well! thats the reason. I had a bad dressing for my 2nd c section from kkh after day3 when i had my first shower. Immediately when to gp for redressing. The dressing should not have water seeping in. After the dressing im good with shower and wound heal well. Heads up if u ever have any c section going forward.

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Once doctor said I can remove the bandage. I just showered as per normal. I was also scared that it might hurt. But it didn’t hurt a single bit. Hahaha just don’t rub too hard around that area if you are scared. After shower, use a separate towel to Pat dry. Do not use the same towel you use to wipe ur body and hair as it might contaminate.

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I didn’t apply the waterproof bandage but I never shower during the first month (confinement) Now I’m 6 mth pp, still don’t dare to touch/rub the scar area. It’s not painful though, just psychologically feel safer that way

for mine after i came back from hospital, the next day i showered already.. open up the bandage and clean the wound.. must also clean the area to prevent it from smelling bad..

Just took off my csec dressing after about 10 days and showered normally. doesn't hurt,just be gentle and don't scrub