10 month old doesnt like to eat porridge at home.

Hi my 10 month old doesnt like to eat porridge at home. Been trying to cook for her most of the time but always the same disgusting reaction :( shes currently attending infant care and shes eating well, porridge, cereal, u name it. So everytime aft work i will just give her oatmeal cereal. Weekends during lunch i will give her instant porridge instead of the ones i made. I wanna try those pasta, tofu, etc but im a working mom so i dont have time to do it and sometimes we're out during weekends cos thats the only time we can spend time as a family. I asked the infant care aunty for receipes and i tried, it doesnt work. Thinking of it really making me stress. Really dont want her to be a picky eater next time. But i tried giving her finger foods like steam veges, she seem to eat it but need to feed her. Pls help and tell me its normal #1stimemom

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It’s normal. At 10 months old, milk is still their main source of food and solids are supplementary. However, I think your girl may be bored of eating oatmeal cereal or porridge at home. Perhaps can alternate or add in some new food such as food pouches. In infant care, they are given a variety of food and they will eat as a group (peer influence), reducing the chances of being a picky eater in future.

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Can u reccomend any food pouches which is ok for everyday intake? Thanks:)

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Most kids will eat better when they're in group setting than at home. She could be bored with soft food and want to explore more textures so finger food would be good to try, you can give more variety like bread, steamed veggies, steamed bun, fruits. It's best if you can let her try to feed herself to work on motor skills

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