Baby refusing to drink

My 1 month old baby is on mix feeding. We went to see a PD 4 days ago bcos he vomitted numerous times a day but he seems fine the next day (the day we went to see the PD). PD says probably due to the phlegm & congested nose. Give saline to soften the mucus. Currently he's refusing to feed on formula and will only drink 20ml before he vomits a little or spits out then will cry as if he wants milk but when I gave him, he refuses. But he latches well and will latch for probably 10 mins eventhough I yield very little milk for now then he will cry again bcos not enough. Not sure if this is normal? I'm so confused with what's going on and not knowing what to do. He's a premature baby so there's many things that I need to look out for in case I need to bring him to the emergency. #advicepls

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Super Mum

Does he still vomit a lot? If he projectile vomits multiple times a day it could mean he has reflux. If he latches well it's best to latch more, baby is more efficient at drinking than you think and it might be enough for him already.But you can check with PD again on whether reflux is an issue.

2y ago

It wasn't a forced vomit or projectile vomit. But PD says he is fine bcos she looked at his breathing & stomach too. Maybe bcos of his phlegms which is yes when he vomits, I can see phlegms also. Currently he's going through growth spurt and all he wants is to keep latching 😫