Processed food



Processed food


Carbohydrates, Fat, Protein, Phosphorus, Calcium


Pregnant women can eat wontons. When they contain a healthy filling, wontons can improve your overall health and stimulate baby's healthy growth. Just take it easy on the salt when seasoning the filling.


You can eat wontons after giving birth. Choose fillings that are suitable for mothers with weakness after childbirth. Amino acids and fatty acids in wonton can prevent postpartum anemia.


Breastfeeding mothers can eat wontons. With a healthy filling, wontons are rich in nutrients, easy to digest, and of course, yummy. Choose your fillings wisely, though, and avoid the spicy and salty kind.


Your baby will surely love a warm freshly steamed wonton at 8 to 9 months and beyond, when they are ready to explore food. Go easy on the salt and spices.