Carbohydrate, Fibre, Calcum, Iron, Antioxidants


Despite it having many nutrients, rockmelon should be avoided in pregnancy due to the risk of salmonella or listeria bacteria that can transfer from the outer skin of the fruit. These bacteria can cause severe food poisoning.


During the postpartum period, your body is in recovery mode and needs to be protected from any kind of infection. Rockmelon should be avoided within this time because it has been linked to listeria and salmonella poisoning outbreaks many times.


If you really want to eat rockmelon while breastfeeding, go ahead with caution. This is because rockmelon has been linked to food poisoning outbreaks - especially salmonella and listeria - which transfer to the inside from the outer skin. Do make you sure you wash the rockmelon thoroughly under running water and a mild salt/vinegar solution before cutting it, if you do want to eat it. Avoid buying cut rockmelon from the supermarket.


Avoid giving rockmelon to your child as it has been associated with listeria and salmonella food poisoning outbreaks. The bacteria may live on the outer skin of the melon, and can transfer to the middle if the fruit is not washed properly.