Whole Grains


Kidney Beans

Whole Grains


Folate, Iron, Copper, Manganese, Potassium, Vitamin K1.


Rich in fibre, folate, iron and minerals, kidney beans should be in every pregnant woman's diet. The iron in kidneys beans helps eliminate iron defiencies, while the folate helps rule out conditions like spina bifida in your baby. Fibre in these beans keeps your digestive system healthy. Just watch out for extra gas!


Kidney beans are a good food to eat during the postpartum recovery period. Nutrients they contain like iron and carbohydrates help speed up the healing process and provide much-needed energy to the new mum.


Kidney beans are a very healthy addition to breastfeeding mums' diets. Packed with iron, folate, vitamins, minerals and fibre, these little legumes give energy, boost immunity and improve digestive health.


Kidney beans are fine to give your baby after he or she starts solids at six months. Packed with essential nutrients that will boost baby's brain and physical growth, you could boil or steam and mash these legumes for your baby to consume. A little at a time though, as too much might cause gas.