Meat and Protein


Goose liver/Foie gras

Meat and Protein


Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Iron, Protein, Fat, Carbohydrate, Sodium, Cobalamin, Phosphorus


Pâtés like foie gras (or goose liver), when uncooked, can carry listeria. It can cause a serious infection through food contamination. Avoid Foie Gras in pregnancy.


You can eat foie gras with caution in the postpartum period. It is rather high in fat and cholesterol which isn't beneficial to your health or recovery.


Nursing mums can eat foie gras with caution. While it can promote your metabolism, enhance your immune system, and help prevent iron deficiency anemia, it is very high in fat, so be mindful.


Foie gras is not suitable for babies under the age of 11 months.