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Garlic scapes

Vegetables and Fungus


allicin, carotene, cellulose, niacin, phosphorus, calcium, iron


It's okay to eat the flower buds of the garlic plant - or garlic scapes - while pregnant. Garlic scapes are rich in and other nutrients. These protect you against disease, help prevent constipation, and improve your overall health.


You can eat garlic scapes, mums. The nutrients packed in garlic scapes help you regain strength, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, relieve constipation and prevent diseases.


Garlic scapes are rich in nutrients, so go ahead and eat them, breastfeeding mums. Just watch out for digestive issues if you eat too many of them. If you experience this, reduce the quantity you consume.


Garlic scapes are not suitable for babies under the age of 11 months.