Broad bean/fava bean



Fibre, Calcium, Thiamin, Vitamin A, C, D, B-6, Pottasium, Copper, Lean Protein, Iron, Cobalamin, Magnesium


If you do not have a family history of bean allergies, you can add broad beans to your pregnancy diet. These beans are not only rich in fibre, but also in essential nutrients that are required for the growth and development of your baby. It's best to blanch them before eating to get the best results.


You can eat broad beans after delivering your baby. They are rich in fibre and other essential nutrients and lean protein that increase physical strength. It also improves immunity.


You are free to eat broad beans while breastfeeding. They are rich in fibre and other essential nutrients, and lean protein that nourish the brain and improve disease resistance. The baby benefits from the transferred nutrition in breastmilk.


You can feed your 6-month-old baby blanched or boiled broad beans. Keep a note of whether your baby is showing any allergic symptoms, and contact the doctor immediately if you notice any. Broad beans contain a generous amount of essential nutrients that aid in the baby's overall physical and nervous growth and development.