Whole Grains



Whole Grains


Fibre, Calcium, Iron, Thiamine, Niacin, Folate


If you must consume bread during pregnancy, opt for brown or wholemeal bread. White bread usually contains high proportions of gluten, and can aggravate constipation.The nutrients and fibre present in wholemeal bread can cater to the needs of a pregnant mum-to-be.


It's fine to eat bread after giving birth, but opt for brown or wholegrain for a fibre boost. The carbuhydrates in bread will give you energy needed to recover.


Breads labelled "wholegrain", "wholemeal" or "wholewheat" are better than white bread to eat while breastfeeding. The high fibre content in these breads is great for digestive health and will give you high energy levels.


First, it is important to establish whether or not your baby is allergic to wheat. You might want to wait until your baby is 9-10 months old before you introduce bread. Brown or wholegrain bread will give your baby a good dose of fibre needed for healthy digestion.