Meat and Protein


Black-bone chicken soup

Meat and Protein


Protein, Potassium, Vitamins A and C, Iron, Selenium, Carnosine


Black-bone chicken soup has unique benefits to women at all stages of their reproductive lives—particularly women preparing for pregnancy.Traditional Chinese Medicine regards black-bone chickens as having unique energetic properties--yes, it increases muscle strength. Thus it is beneficial to a baby's bones and body growth and development.


Black-bone chicken soup is nutrient-dense and can improve a new mum's immune system. Its energetic properties make it particularly beneficial for women postpregnancy. Black-bone chicken soup can also help with a woman's skin quality—a bonus for your postpartum recovery.


The broth is safe for for breast-feeding mothers. It is a nutrient-rich soup that helps nourish the mother and improve lactation and breast milk quality.


Wait until your child is 1 year old and above before letting him/her drink black-bone chicken soup. Just make sure you’re only feeding the soup and none of the solids.