Subsidise or Private?

Hi all! Would like to hear some insights on to why you chose subsidise/private for your labour. I'm pregnant with #2 and am still contemplating whether I should go the sub route or private. First born was KKH subsidised and I kinda find that we're not given much of a choice in decision making (like not wanting to induce, not able to give our birth plan etc). Docs there also seemed to not give any information I need to know or tell me how fetus is doing. 😅 Always the same 'all is normal,will see you next appt' and then I'm done. 🥲 So this time round , I feel like going through subsidise but then upgrade to private later on. (Is that possible? How do I go about it?) What should I prepare for if I chose private? Any recommendations (I'm staying Toa Payoh , so was thinking of either KKH / TMC). Is it worth it taking private as compared to sub? As I don't wanna burden my husband also with the costs 😅 furthermore , it's just a 2-3 days stay at hosp if there's no complications so I don't think I'd want to spend a huge amount of money hahaha! But if I take sub , isit possible for me to get a 4 bedded ward instead of a 6 bedded ward? 😅 Do advise and hope to hear some of y'all stories if you've been through both sub/Pvt and what made you chose ? Thanks in advance for reading 😂 #babynumber2 #AdvisePlease #2022Baby

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