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Welcome to this crazy world, little one.

He was 1-day old when this photo was taken. Born on October 3, 2020 at 8:35pm via Emergency CS. 3.2kg at birth and is now 5.3kg at 6 weeks. Exclusively breastfeeding. It was unexpected but it was worth it. My pregnancy journey was easy except during the first trimester. Everything smells disgusting so I kept on vomiting. I probably vomit 6x a day. I din't like any food at all cause my taste buds made everything taste like metal. So I only ate the food that I like during that time which were Ampalaya, Mango, Banana & Skyflakes. I slept A LOT. The whole first trimester was way too exhausting. Then everything came to a stop when I entered week 16. I started gaining appetite, I started gaining strength etc. Throughout second and third trimester, I worked out & did yoga for 30minutes everyday. I din't eat that much but I made sure that I was eating healthy with 1 day cheat day every week. I walked 3 hours a day. I do 100 squats everyday. In short, I made sure that I would be having a normal delivery. September 21 — I was in my 36th week, and it was my check up. Surprisingly, I was 2cm dilated and I din't feel anything at all. But I was prescribed to get my last lab tests, ultrasound and swab test. September 22 — I had my free rt-pcr swab test and I was asked to wait for 3 days for the results which turned out Negative, so thank God for that. I also had my lab test, ultrasound & non-stress test which were all normal. He was still in Cephalic position. September 28 — I was on my 37th week and it was my check up again. I was 3cm dilated but still, I din't feel anything. OB scraped my cervix to let the dilation progress quickly and she prescribed me to insert primrose twice daily. After this check up, I started to feel pain but it was still a whole lot bearable. I had my mucus plug as well then started bleeding and got false labor contractions. But I still got to walk and do squats for how many days. October 3, it was supposedly my check up only & I was on my 38th week. Surprisingly, I was 5cm dilated 10:30AM but I still do not feel anything LOL I know my pain tolerance is way too high. Anyway, I had to be admitted already. I wasn't allowed to eat heavy anymore. They had to put something on my dextrose so that I'd get active contractions already. They check my vital signs & do IE every hour. By 1pm, I was 6cm but I still don't feel anything so I slept. I woke up at 4pm and I was already 7cm. I was recharged and had all the energy to push the baby out, but then again.. I still don't feel anything. So I started walking & do squats. By 5pm, I was 8cm. I was asked to push while they do IE. That's when I started to feel those painful contractions. It was bearable tho, I just had to hold on to something whenever I get them contractions. By 6pm, my water broke. By 8pm, I was still stuck in 8cm and I still kept on pushing but nothing's happening. The baby might get stressed out so I was left with no choice. They had to perform Emergency CS on me. After 20 minutes, the baby is out. I don't know where I got all the courage but all for my baby. My love, thank you for making me the bravest. You did not give me a hard time. You did not give me pain. You gave my life just pure joy. You knew how to latch very well. You don't cry only when you're hungry, tired, needs to get diaper changed or needs to be cuddled. You always smile. Thank you for being my little good boy ❤️ #1stimemom #firstbaby #breasfeedingmom #theasianparentph

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Welcome to this crazy world, little one.
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