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Eat healthy, live healthy!

What's your ulam for today? Mahilig din ba kumain ng prutas at gulay ang inyong mga anak? At 6th month old of my children, I started introducing to them the taste of fruits and vegetables kaya di ako nahirapan na pakainin sila ng mga ito as they grow. A healthy outside starts from the inside. Sabi nga nila, "You are what you eat." The foods we choose make a difference. The best way to protect our family from sickness and diseases is to feed our family with nutritious foods. Since then, I make sure na there's alwalys fruits and vegetables on our table. We make every meal a happy and healthy one. Minsan nga may question and answer pa habang kumakain!😂 Time din namin to talk about how our day was. ✨Here's a question naman para sa ating mga mommies... 🥕🥦🍎🍌If your child was a fruit/vegetable, what would she/he be? For me, if my daughter was a vegetable, I think she would be a carrot - good for the eyes, firm and crisp with smooth and unblemished skin.😍 Bagay na bagay sa kanya, ang linaw ng mata lalo na during shopping/grocery time😂😅 Hope to see your answers on the comment section.🥰🤩 Aside from eating healthy, staying active and keeping hydrated, I also make sure that my family is vaccinated. Vaccines really works for added protection. Eat healthy, live healthy! Join us as we build a BakuNation! Visit our Building a BakuNation Content Hub to know more about vaccination and immunization. ✨Sign up here and Take the Pledge! ✨Building a BakuNation Content Hub #BuildingABakuNation #TeamBakuNanay #theAsianparentPH #VIParentsPH

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Eat healthy, live healthy!
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