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Hello 2022!

Appreciate 2021 because this year, I grow stronger and much closer to what God intend me to be. As 2022 approaches, I welcome it with excitement for what awaits for me and my family. Yes, I know that there will still be difficulties and struggles but I'm confident that I will never face it alone. I have my God, my family, my friends, and my mommy communities. Sharing my goals for 2022: #1 Stay positive (minimize the reklamo😁) #2 Prioritize! (always remind myself of my priorities, nakakalimutan kaya sobrang gulo na minsan πŸ™Š) #3 Active lifestyle (hindi excuse ang work from home 😜) #4 Hydrate! (dapat na gamitin ang mga tumbler sa bahay πŸ˜†) #5 Save & Invest (huwag puro add to cart πŸ˜…) Kayo din mommies, have your own Dream board for healthy living this 2022. Don't forget to have a community that can support you and help you along the way. Join Team BakuNanay community in Facebook. #TeamBakuNanay #ProudtobeABakuNanay #AllAboutBakuna #HealthierPhilippines #VaccinesWorkForAll

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Hello 2022!
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