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My husband has been ignoring me dor a month he is telling me to only be with my one months old son... i see he is not caring to me anymore or that i have some good times with him... he only tells me t
You mean your husband feel that you are more attach to baby? It is normal that 1 month old baby tend to be more calm when smell mummy’s presence. Babies feel safe When we mummies jz give birth n
Breast milk
helloo do you deal with breast milk when your baby is not hungry?? even its smell🤬🤬
How old is your lo now? It is common for babies Can be reason baby seek for comfort nursing mummies will feed on demand. Mummies nurse their baby to sleep instead of being fussy / feel guilty / b
hellooss, wanted to ask you guys have baby boys, have you circumcised your babies. mine is 15days today.... when can i???