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Sao Tome Visa Application - No More Mystery Document Verification First of all make sure you can provide all the documents required for the visa program. This includes your passport. You need to include all the necessary files using a scanned copy, so that it will be easier for you to submit an application to the embassy. Sao Tome e-Visa: No Longer A Mystery Okay, so Let's move on to another tip. If you feel the entire procedure of the visa program will require over a week then it's time to acquire the essential documents ready. Your Visa Application if you would like to apply for the visa through online then you have to make sure that you are having an updated profile as well. This profile will allow the website to know who you are and what kind of visa you are applying for. Consequently, if you are still unfamiliar about the process then receive a tutorial in the website and watch what happens. Sao Tome e-Visa: No Longer A Mystery exactly as with any other program process it will take a day or two for the visa application to be processed.

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