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HeyPhil Digimed Service of PhilCare

Hello guys, so I recently tried the HeyPhil Digimed service from PhilCare . HeyPhil Digimed provides one-time digital consultation access through the HeyPhil app for only P 450.00. It covers primary care consultation with Family Medicines Specialists, Internal Medicine and General Physician for 1 year old and above individuals. This one-time digital consultation also includes issuance of medical assessment and prescription, consultations for pre-existing conditions that do not require emergency attention, endorsement for lab tests/procedures to the clinic and referrals for specialty consultation if necessary. Personally, as much as possible I still don’t prefer going to the hospital or clinic for check-up even if I am already fully vaccinated. I am still afraid of the possible risks that I may get some virus outside and bring it home especially since I am with my 95 year old grandma and my baby is only two years old plus there are also 3 other kids in our household. That is why I am very happy and pleased with the HeyPhil Digimed service from PhilCare. Recently my 8 year old niece has had persistent coughs for more than a week already and I decided to book a digital consultation with PhilCare. The steps for booking an appointment are very easy too so plus points for those who are not techy! First, I downloaded the HeyPhil app and input my basic information. Then, I was directed to request a consultation window where I need to input the principal complaints, you can even upload a picture if you wish to! Cool right? After, you have to enter your contact number where they will call you for your booking consultation. After submitting the needed information, in less than 5 minutes I already received a call saying that I was already in line for the queue however, I accidentally pressed the end button on my phone and guess what I received another call from them after 10 minutes! Nice, right?! The consultation went smoothly, the Doctor asked about what my niece’s complaints are and her medication history. The doctor’s voice was also professional yet sounds approachable, she was talking to us very clearly. After the consultation, we were even asked if we still have other concerns and reminded us about her endorsement for the request for x-ray. Then the prescription and medical abstract was sent to my registered email immediately as well. Overall, I can say that I am very pleased with my Digital Consultation experience. We no longer need to go outside for the check-up lessening our risk for possible exposure to outside virus. With the quick endorsement and prescription, you can also easily check out your prescribed medicine via the link that was attached on the email. Aside from this HeyPhil consultation, there are other prepaid plans you can choose from depending on your current need which starts at a very affordable price of P 299.00. And they also have the Unli-Digimed consultation which cost P 999.00 and good for 1 year unlimited consultation already! So, my fellow parents, what are you waiting for?! Click the link, so you can check them now.

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HeyPhil Digimed Service of PhilCare
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