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For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you, not to harm you, but t


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The past couple of weeks have been tough mentally and physically, especially that my husband is not always around due to the nature of his work. I’ve gone through a lot from nausea and vomiting to bleeding... I was bleeding during my 7-8th week and was considered as threatened abortion with subchrionic hematoma. I was given a lot of medications and was advised for bed rest for a month. I’m praying that God will complete whatever He started in me, losing my baby didn’t cross my mind instead it keeps my faith burning that this too like any other trials shall pass and God answered my fervent prayer, my bleeding stop couple of days ago as I approach my 9th week, but then I faced another mountain, constipation. I tried to drink 3L or more of water a day and try to eat fruits/veggies that are high in fiber to combat constipation because trying to push is a big no especially if you are having subchrionic hematoma or contractions inside, so it is very challenging on my part. I enjoyed my time pooping as always, because I used that time to contemplate about life but at that moment, it was first time of forever that I was crying while pooping, I was crying to God actually, asking Him to help me because it was really hard and painful and I’m worried that it could lead to bleeding again, so to all the moms out there, I salute you all. The road to motherhood is never easy but I guess it will be meaningful. So just hold on... Good luck and may God bless us all. Laban lang.... ??

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